About Us

GPI staff with NMSBDC state office staff.

A Brief History

Established in 1996, GPI is an international trade counseling and project management firm.  The company focuses on advising public and private sector entities interested in “going global” with their products/services.  During the past 22 years, GPI has:

  • Counseled thousands of private companies in their import/export projects.
  • Served as an expert agency on small business and international trade for New Mexico’s public and private sectors.
  • Worked on contract for public and private sector agencies.
  • Performed project management in areas of program development and marketing research for public and private sector agencies.
  • Had its trade-related information including columns on international trade published in major periodicals throughout the world.
  • Established and managed the International Business Accelerator program since November 2003.
  • Founded and managed the Border Industrial Association since 2009.
  • Successfully established and managed the NAFTA Institute Trade Conference.