The International Business Accelerator

The funding for the IBA became available on July 1, 2003. However it was not until GPI was contracted in November 2003 to establish and manage the IBA that the program became operational. After receiving the IBA contract, GPI set forth to:

  • Form the IBA’s strategic plan, which includes:
    • The IBA mission:”As a non-profit division of the New Mexico Small Business Development Centers Network and managed by Western New Mexico University, the IBA assists New Mexican Businesses with their international business needs in order to create economic development opportunities and jobs in New Mexico”
    • The IBA Vision:”To form a new model of export assistance in order to become the nation’s premier international trade counseling and development agency.”
  • The IBA operational plan
  • Form the IBA team
  • Establish the IBA’s critical trade partners
  • Concretize the IBA’s contacts
  • Develop a marketing/promotional plan for the IBA
  • Develop the IBA as a statewide program in order to serve New Mexico’s business community

As part of its strategic plan for the IBA, GPI developed the following elements of the IBA’s objectives, which are encapsulated in IBA’s marketing materials:

The IBA will act as a catalyst for trade by preparing New Mexico companies and communities for export and foreign direct investment attraction. The IBA will offer clients a variety of free services including:

  • Export Counseling: Provide personal counseling sessions with clients interested in exporting their product or service.
  • Target Market Identification and Assistance: Assist clients in determining their best foreign market prospects for their product or service. Once a target market has been identified, assist clients in researching the selected market.
  • Trade Missions: Organize bilateral trade missions of domestic and foreign buyers and sellers. These geographic and industry-specific trade missions are to be offered to IBA clients and any other companies that wish to participate, foreign or domestic.
  • Trade Seminars: Annually organize, host and participate in seminars focused on various aspects on international trade.
  • Trade leads and opportunities: Identify, qualify, collect and distribute trade leads and joint venture opportunities. Maintain a website that offers a computer-linked bulletin board of trade leads and international joint venture opportunities. Space will be made available on this link at no charge for companies wishing to post their international business needs.
  • Trade information: Maintain an online “one-stop-shop” of international business resources, including public agency information, links to global market data, export/import links and other current global trade information.
  • Foreign company liaison: Serve as a link between the foreign and local business communities. Assist foreign companies to source products/services within the state, identify New Mexican joint ventre partners and create joint trade missions/training seminars.